What Long Term Loans Online does?

We are a Canadian based online loan matching service provider. We are not a lender or loan provider. We cannot make any credit decisions. We are here to match your requirements with lenders according to your loan application.

How to apply with Long Term Loans Online?

Applying with us takes only few minutes. All you need is to fill up our easy online application form with basic personal details and submit it. Your form will be processed and lenders will give you a call regarding loan approval.

What charges do I need to pay to use your services?

Our customers will be happy to know that we do not charge any fees for our online loan comparison services. Our registration process is completely free.

Who all can sign up?

Anyone who has minimum age of eighteen years, a valid active bank account, permanent Canadian citizenship and a regular source of income can register with us, without any obligation.

How much one can get with payday loans?

Upon approval of these loans you are allowed to raise easy financial help in the range of $100 to $1,000, as per your needs and budget.

How and where can I use approved funds?

You can make use of approved funds to settle down any unexpected fiscal matters well on time that could be like payment for pending home rent, covering child's examination fees, handling small home or car damage expense etc.

Will Long Term Loans Online conduct credit checks on me?

At our website we do not conduct any credit checking on our customers. We will accept loan applications from everyone with no discrimination among our good or bad credit holders. But lenders who will review your loan application will surely perform credit checks on you.

Will you protect my privacy?

Yes at Long Term Loans Online we always make sure to protect and safeguard your privacy. We use all latest security measures to keep your personal information safe and confidential with us.

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